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A few months ago, I realized that something was wrong with my HVAC system. It seemed like no matter what I did, some rooms were hot and some rooms were simply getting too much cooled air. Instead of trying to troubleshoot my air conditioner on my own, I called out a professional HVAC repairman for help. They went through each room of my house when the system was running to measure the outgoing airflow and to check for issues. They discovered some serious balance problems, which they resolved after running a few extra lines. Check out this blog to learn more about HVAC in general.

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4 Tips For Preparing Your Air Conditioner For Winter Storage

Summer is nearing its end, and your portable air conditioner will soon be going back into storage. If you want your air conditioner to still be in good condition when you remove it from storage the following summer, you will want to take steps to make sure you store it in proper fashion. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when preparing your air conditioner for long-term storage.

1. Clean Inside and Out 

While dirt on the outside of the air conditioner might be an obvious spot to clean, you'll want to spend some time cleaning the inside components as well to keep the A/C in great condition for the following year. Start by removing the air filter and washing it in warm water with soap if you want to reuse it the following year instead of buying a new one. When wiping the air conditioner down on the outside, don't forget to clean the back part that was hanging out of the window in addition to the front.

2. Keep Upright

You want to store your air conditioner in the same fashion you are instructed to keep your tray during an airplane landing: upright and secure. Putting your air conditioner on its side or back could damage internal parts. The air compressor, in particular, is sensitive to damage if it gets jostled and the air conditioner's oil will also fall into the wrong location if the A/C is not kept upright.

3. Keep the Original Box

For best results, store your A/C in its original box for the best chance of keeping it in original condition. If you no longer have the original box, you should put a couple of garbage bags over the A/C. You want to put more than one garbage bag over it just in case there is a leak in the storage facility. The extra bag will provide an extra layer of protection.

4. Get the A/C inspected Before It Goes Back Into Operation

Next summer, for best results, contact a specialist who can provide air conditioner service before you plug it back in. An annual inspection at the start of every summer will help your A/C run more efficiently and will also be an opportunity to make sure nothing was damaged while it was in storage. 

Clean your A/C inside and out and store it upright when putting your unit into long-term storage. For more tips, contact an air conditioner contractor today.